Making Florida the Safest, Healthiest, and Most Sustainable State in America

Florida Chamber Leadership Cabinet on Safety, Health and Sustainability leaders know their workforce is their greatest asset. We connect to share our knowledge, challenges and highlight our success. We are an incubator of research and education, moving the needle on workplace excellence. Our focus on best practices makes us the go-to resource for businesses in the Sunshine State ready to make Florida the nation’s model for workplace safety, health and sustainability.

Promoting Safety

Providing training for tactical safety strategies, employee-based awareness and behavioral change helps to drive day-to-day safety culture at work.

Advocating Health

Addressing systemic issues, such as opioid and marijuana use and mental health, leads to workplace prevention strategies and long-term wellness initiatives.

Leading Sustainability

Protecting Florida’s vital natural resources for our business community helps to create a long-term balance where employees and their families can flourish.

Safety, Health and Sustainability Matter to Florida's Businesses Now to Secure Florida’s Future. Here's Why:

Moving the needle on safety, health and sustainability to secure Florida’s future requires simultaneous interaction and careful coordination. Addressing mental health and wellness in the workplace cannot happen without preventing workplace injuries. Likewise, sustainable workplace planning that ensures cleaner air, cleaner land and cleaner water translates to healthier employees and families. Advancing wellness positively impacts workplace safety and overall business profitability.  

All three pillars – safety, health and sustainability – must work together strategically to maximize Florida’s business success. First-in-the-nation programming standards for workplace safety, mental health and wellness, and sustainable production and performance bring our successful mission to life. 

By committing to creating positive core cultures across the board, our direct relationship with the Florida Chamber means we can access have access to research and data that advance outcomes through policy changes. Our core safety culture in Florida means training organizations throughout the state to keep people certified, workplaces compliant, and individuals internalized as to why safety matters to themselves, their families and our workforce. Our culture of health focuses on addressing long-term systemic issues we cannot train our way out of while promoting preventative wellness. Our sustainability culture focuses on cleaner air, cleaner land and cleaner water for more vibrant communities.

We are grateful for the leaders who first believed in our vision and made it possible. These innovative Florida business leaders make us the go-to resource for best practices in workplace safety, health, and sustainability.

Edwin G. Foulke Jr. | Former Head of OSHA, President of Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions, LLC, and Florida Chamber Leadership Cabinet Member

OSHA’s Recordkeeping Requirements: Are you in Compliance?

Wednesday, January 10, 2024 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET

During the Obama Administration, OSHA made numerous changes to its occupational injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting requirements negatively impacting employers. These changes to its recordkeeping standard dramatically increased employers’ reporting requirements, including how employers reported fatalities and hospitalizations. The Biden Administration is focusing strongly on recordkeeping violations to increase the number of citations and penalty amounts received by employers.


Many employers think their OSHA recordkeeping logs and procedures are fully compliant, only to learn after an OSHA inspection and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, that they were not. Under OSHA’s recordkeeping regulation, covered employers are required to prepare and maintain logs for work-related occupational injuries and illnesses as well fatalities, using the OSHA 300 log. In addition, on February 1 of each year, all covered employers must post their 300A summaries for three months.

This presentation will examine the many recordkeeping errors that employers make, especially those involving the use of temporary employees; cover how to coordinate your injury and illness recordkeeping with other recordkeeping requirements and how employers can effectively use recordkeeping to improve their current safety and health management program; and, examine in detail the increased employer reporting requirements and expanded liability for all employers.

Learning Objectives:

  • What events are required to be reported directly to OSHA under the revised rules
  • What injuries and illnesses are recordable and why
  • The scope of the first aid exemption and OSHA’s recent limitations
  • How to coordinate injury and illness recordkeeping requirements, especially those involving temporary employees
  • How to use recordkeeping to improve current safety and health management program
  • How to analyze each injury or illness to ensure they are properly recorded
  • What recordkeeping requirements are violated by employers and cited by OSHA

Level Up Your Leadership With Our Leaders Among Leaders Webinar Series

Throughout next year, the Florida Chamber Leadership Cabinet advisory board will be hosting an educational webinar series to level up your leadership. These webinars will feature some of the most influential leadership voices of our time. Join our new Leaders Among Leaders webinars to immerse yourself in dynamic and moving stories on how these leaders got to where they are today; while also gaining knowledge and insight on how to apply these lessons to your style of leading.

“Being a learner is essential. Most people take in information to validate what they already believe. Learners take in information to learn something new. Being a learner gives any leader a huge edge”

– Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft

John Doolittle with Play Button Overlay

John Doolittle, CAPT, USN (Ret) | Chief Revenue Officer for KAATSU Global

Anything is Achievable with Teamwork and Leadership

John Doolittle, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer with 25 years of experience, delivers motivational talks on leadership and teamwork. His central theme of “Anything is Achievable” draws from his personal journey, emphasizing perseverance, grit, and tenacity. Tailored to colleges, sports teams, and businesses, his presentations address topics like teamwork, conflict management, and stress. Sharing his SEAL experiences, John provides a unique perspective on building resilience and trust. Committed to supporting Gold Star families, he particularly focuses on spouses and children. Testimonials highlight his profound impact on future leaders. Overall, John Doolittle’s presentations inspire and equip audiences with the tools and mindset to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.